Monday, October 13, 2014

OREANA CLINIC overview and pictures!

The clinic at the Teeter Ranch was awesome! The clinic did fill (at the last minute!) so we had seven students and their horses. It was a great weekend with a fantastic bunch of participants. We even had quite a few auditors over the three days which was particularly nice. Several of the participants indicate that they would love to do another clinic at the Teeter Ranch in the spring so we may be setting the date for another clinic there soon!     

Each day began somewhat like this picture of day one of the clinic.

On day two a little bit of practice without our horses followed the lecture time;

Morning three began with a round penning demonstration. Multiple participants told us that the round pen demo was extremely helpful to them. Ted used a two year old filly of Steph's for this demonstration. He explained throughout the exercise what he was doing and why. 

Each day was a full days work for all the participants. The first day was all ground work, with the second and third days being a mix of ground work and riding exercises.

Steph Teeter on Smokey during a session of riding exercises. 

More info and photos from the clinic to be added soon - keep checking in with us and thank you for visiting the blog! 

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  1. Awesome clinic! Three days was just right. I gained a lot of confidence (with new skills) in my young horse and myself. By the end we were calmly galloping the arena in any direction the horse chose - 'cruising' - no direction from the rider - having fun. We got there step by step, progressively improving communication and respect - it was really an impressive job of teaching by Ted Nicholes. I HIGHLY recommend his clinic for anybody wanting to work through issues or problems that they have with their horse, or simply wanting to gain a higher level of communication. We are already trying to schedule another Oreana clinic for next spring!