Thursday, November 20, 2014

Horse Sledding!

Sledding with horses!

An often overlooked benefit of having well trained horses. Particularly awesome for large families where, in a non-horse sledding scenario, the big kids barely get started before the littlest kids are worn out and ready to go home. In this setting (with horse and pony!), the bigger kids strategically plan who rides sleds up the hill, when, and who takes turns leading the pony and thus manipulate the situation so that everyone is able to enjoy playing as long as the weather holds (or until chore time!). Makes a lot of great family memories!

The time that is spent developing, soft, supple, responsive and calm, well trained horses and ponies pays off over and over and over! I love this. It is so awesome to be able to turn kids loose with horses and sleds and not worry for a second! I did stuff like this as a kid but I was not nearly as safe as my kids are. I had a well trained and relatively well behaved horse but it wasn't like what my kids have! We just didn't know then what we know now!

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