Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Posts!

My plan is to post each weekend some of 'what's been going on this week' at the Nicholes' place.
Whose horses are in for training, which of our horses are being trained and ridden by who, etc.

For this week there are quite a few things; Steph Teeter and Carol Brand have the first training spots of the season and those two horses arrived Monday. Derby (formerly known as Luna) and Pyrite (Flint's little half brother). They really are two very cute client horses!  Also now in for training (by Terrence) is Steph Teeter's newly acquired Standardbred, Shotgun Willie.

Kathie is getting Chloe tuned up and has started conditioning rides with her sponsor Tamara Baysinger. She is super excited for this endurance season!

Beth is working on all of her own horses and MJ too. Cheerfully assisted by Laura and Sarah for help on Clay, Ardreth and MJ. And of course, Beth also assists Laura with Hugo on occasion!

This time around Sam is responsible for client horse supplementation. We provide them a handful of soaked beet pulp and some probiotic, and whatever else the owner provides as supplementation.

SAM - delivering supplement to Py.

Terrence - finishing up Willie's training session Tuesday.

Ted and Lost Juniper Pyrite

 Ted - providing coaching to Beth while she works Cookie.

Beth - used every bit of daylight this day!
 Sarah getting ready to put a little ride on Clay.

 Sarah grooms Ardreth even on the days she doesn't get to ride him.
Grooming and riding Clay and Ardreth are Sarah's most common assignments. Most days Laura and Beth each ride/train two horses, often more.

Derby has grown up pretty! I am looking forward to seeing how she looks all shed out in another month or so.

Laura getting Hugo's tail prettied up. 

MJ and Laura showing off her stop.

My new hobby is reading books on equine nutrition, feed labels, and lab reports on hay and then calculating ration supplements.

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