Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Behind What?! Time to Settle Into the Summer "Routine"

Today I really need to remind myself that I am of the opinion that the words, "I am running behind" are just a manifestation of an illusion. Who says I'm running behind? Running behind what exactly? Are we all in some kind of race?! I would prefer to make the choice to live as if life is really not a race. Some weeks it feels like it is and I have to remind myself; our life is not a race.

There have been so many things happening with so many people that it is easy to lose sight of the framework of our days.
Some of the many fun things going on around here lately;
Horses graduating and going home with their owners, new client horses arriving and going into training.

This photo is of Rashid's first lesson with his gelding, Thorin. They both did great and Rashid will be taking his boy home soon. 

Beth is teaching horsemanship to many, many students! Her classes are going and she has several private lessons every week as well. 

Beth, Kathie, Sam, Laura and Sarah performed in the Treasure Valley Young Artists spring concert. 
This means we are done with rehearsals for the summer and Tuesdays just got a whole lot easier to handle!

Ted continues to work on getting his pickup closer to on the road. Sarah loves to spend time with Daddy while he is working in the shop. They have been working on replacing door seals, window tracks, etc. 

Ted is also dedicating tons of time to helping Laura with her mustang. They are out there 
almost every single evening. Laura usually does at least one (often two) training/practicing sessions with Michalean during the day but the concentrated training that is really expanding her technique and skill is the session at the end of the day with Dad. 

Terrence has added a few more hoof care clients. This is a picture of an EasyCare NG, one of a full set he put on a client horse a couple of weeks ago. 

Some recent improvements were made to the client horse pens. The new dividers are made from recycled belting material from sugar beet piling equipment.

Tika, one of two Drinkers of the Wind Arabians, who recently arrived for training.

Shiraz, also a mare from Drinkers of the Wind Arabians. 

 The weeds are going to take over the raspberry patch! Or they would if it wasn't for Matt and Sam who will probably conquer that patch of trouble tomorrow. Matt, Sam, and Terrence have done a lot of weed control around here lately. They run equipment for me; mower, weed eater, sprayer, and the little ones and I do old fashioned weeding. Unfortunately I have a strange propensity for working in the flower beds versus the parts of the garden that actually produce food of some kind.

The fruit tree blossoms did not all freeze! I thought for sure we had lost all the buds but it looks like that is not the case. 

We're relieved to be transitioning out of the spring frenzy into the slightly calmer summer routine.

 Thank you to all our friends, clients, and followers who have made our spring so great. We're looking forward to even more amazing experiences on our family's horsemanship (and non-horse) journey. Thanks for being part of it and letting us be part of yours.
~ Leni

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