Sunday, August 31, 2014

Current Training - Hugo

This has been the year for four year old geldings! Hugo is one of the three four year old geldings our family has acquired this summer. He is half Arabian, half POA and full of potential. I am super excited about him as our "Next Level" pony. He was an amazing find and we believe he will be with our family for years and years. He has a lot of athletic ability, fantastic hooves (open range raised!), and a super abundance of intelligence and energy. He is pretty much the polar opposite of Ardreth in personality, while Ardreth's favorite part of training is NOT moving, Hugo loves to go and the faster the better. Because Hugo was basically a wild horse and much more reactive than most of the horses which come here, Ted has spent significant time on him but at this point he is receiving a lot of training from Beth with some help from Terrence. Terrence has been 'lucky' to have several very reactive types of horses to work with over the last two years and so has really developed a lot of experience with reactive horses!

BETH on HUGO -still working on cruise control.

I love how Hugo watches her feet and follows every step!

I am so excited about his athleticism.

LJ gets saddle time on Hugo under direct Daddy supervision only at this point.

Even though she is the one who Hugo likes the most and who we hope will be the one enjoying him for the next several years she is not given any unsupervised ride time yet.  Hugo is so quick to learn that we are being very cautious that her lesser experience doesn't end up teaching him something we don't want him to know (i.e. - That she is not as quick or as strict as Terrence, Beth or Ted!).

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