Saturday, August 30, 2014

Current Training Projects

LJ working on following the fence on Ardreth on his sixth day under saddle.
These are pictures of a four year old Welsh gelding which Beth purchased this summer. He is another great training project for her. He is smaller than the Welsh filly which she trained last winter so Beth has enlisted her little sister's help to put miles under his feet. LJ doesn't mind one bit being the one to ride him on trail rides and is even hoping to go on a 25 mile (also known as LD or limited distance) endurance ride on him before snow flies this year. Beth is continuing to train him on the ground and under saddle and has ambitions to teach him all kinds of tricks as well. The original plan to buy him, train him and sell him next spring to be somebody's dream pony did not last very long. The current plan is to teach him absolutely everything she can and be able to use him as a solid lesson pony. Currently Beth gives riding lessons on Clay and she is a wonderful lesson horse but Beth thinks having a lesson pony as well is a great idea. And even just looking at the pictures can you blame her? I wouldn't want to sell him either!

Whatever his long term career becomes, for now he is a pleasure to work with for both Beth and her little sister. He has been the horse (well, the pony anyway) to bring a bunch of new horsemanship firsts to LJ's life including the execution of her first 'First Ride'. I'm the Mom (and I know I am biased) but I have to say she did AMAZING at doing the riders job on that very first 'first ride'.
LJ and Ardreth just finishing up a picture perfect first ride with Dad.

Beth and Ardreth embark on a groundwork session.

 Ardreth prefers lessons which involve standing still and being petted.

He does move when asked......

but this is the best part according to Ardreth.

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