Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Colt Starting Lessons!

A very full weekend for Barbara Clow and her colt wrapped up Sunday afternoon. In three jam packed days Barb learned how to put a HUGE list of groundwork exercises on her boy in preparation for the official first ride. She also used several under saddle exercises, most of which she, (naturally) taught her horse while she still had two feet on the ground.
Before it was all said and done Barb and Bones had two rides in the round pen and even a third ride in the arena. Ted is confident Barbara will do a great job with her homework with Bones and expects her to shine at this coming weekends clinic with him.

This is the very end of her 'clinic' experience where she was able to ride him in the arena. They both did fantastic!

This is the one preparatory exercise in which Barb requested Ted to handle the rope for her. Bones is being desensitized to the rope all over his body while in motion, much different and much more challenging for the colt to tolerate and learn not to worry about than when he is standing still. The next two photos are also of Bones getting used to that rope all over him while in motion. 


When I look at this photo I hear Ted saying " Aaaanndd -- YIELD. " 

More de-sensitizing in motion, preparation, preparation, preparation!

Big smiles on riders faces are the result of all that preparation!

Every ride with this colt and handler went absolutely text book perfect. 

I just love this picture! 

Open the picture in a separate tab to really see how much Barb is loving her success with this horse.

This three year old colt is a top contender in the "I love exercises where I get to hold still!" contest.

This year's colt clinic was a definite success in terms of the progress of our participant and her colt. We hope that next year we have more folks join us but we're very glad that we put it on the calendar and held it this spring. Thank you Barbara Clow for all of your hard work and dedication, and thanks to your family for supporting you in your horsemanship endeavors. We recognize that Barb is blessed by the full support of her loved ones and say "Kudos to Barb's crew!" 
Thanks for enabling Barb to come and let Ted help her meet her goals with Bones! 

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  1. This clinic was an amazing experience. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to start my colt with the help of a trainer of Ted's caliber. I am confident that my colt has the best foundation he could possibly have!