Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More of the Photo Collection, 2015 Spring Oreana Clinic

Steph checking out the fit of her new saddle on Smokey just after the clinic wrapped up.

Deirdre and Carol watch Dave and Rick doing the work!

Ardreth being used to show a back up exercise. LJ was able to use Ardreth and follow along with this clinic. Beth has of course, taught Ardreth all of these exercises so it  is mostly for LJ's benefit to practice with him in this environment. They both did great, LJ will be bringing him back to Oreana for some LD's!

Rick riding Flint, don't you just love how relaxed that horse is?

Carol gets another turn with Flint. 

 Her Royal Smokiness!

Marilyn on her cute little mare!

Here Beth is being Ted's horse for a class demonstration.

Dave and Noble get some one on one coaching and the Smokey's practice their flexing!

Teacia sporting her official clinic T-shirt! 

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