Sunday, March 13, 2016

Another week gone!

This week the kids were able to fit in some fun training.

 Terrence working on Cruiser's laydown. 

Beth teaching Laura to laydown Ardreth.

Beth practicing with Clay at liberty. She reviewed her bridleless riding as well. 

Clay did exceptionally well. On my short list to have Terrence put on youtube is Beth's bridleless pattern on Clay. Last summer Beth had prepared a demo of Clay's bridleless skills to show at a Trail Clinic day last summer but Clay came up lame the day before and so missed that opportunity for performing. 

Sarah working on her balance and core strength. (This has proven to be a good way for the girls to practice not using their hands to help them post!)

Pyrite coming in after a 'little' out ride.

Terrence working with the six year old Barb. 

Trying another saddle!

Time spent on tack repair/improvement/etc. Laura is loving having her own bridle for Hugo with smaller sized mecate reins; they're easier for her to manipulate.

Beth and Ted working on Beth's new saddle for her students. The general construction is being vastly improved!

Adam is so 'helpful' in tack repair sessions. We have reserved some pieces of what was a 'parts saddle' in order to have on hand something for him to 'fix'. 

Kathie and Chloe - another day another saddle. This was her favorite so far. Cold and windy today and Chloe is still on light duty so we haven't checked a sweat pattern off of it yet but so far so good.  

Family teamwork in action. Sarah, Matt and Adam work on the barn pen which is being referred to as the 'mustang pen' now as this is where Laura will keep her BLM mustang if she is selected as a participant in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. She can hardly wait to find out!

Derby watching closely.

Terrence introducing the laydown to the Barb.

Everyone is so busy that I have a hard time keeping up with it all. Days and horses and riders are blurring together! I will try to balance out what's missing on this week's post in next weekend's post! 


  1. I love watching your kids be so involved with the horses. Makes me wanna move out there next to you, so my kids can too!

  2. :) I am glad you enjoy reading the blog. Thanks ~ Leni