Sunday, March 27, 2016

As Days Fly By....

Progress on all fronts

The arena groomer, a project Ted has been working on in short increments over the last couple of weeks, is ready to use.

Pretty basic arena groomer for now, eventually he'll add water delivery capability. We still have the same little orange tractor. It has been with us a long time. We first acquired and used it in tending our little strawberry plot some sixteen odd years ago! 

The barn pen renovations are nearly complete. It has been inadvertently renamed 'Laura's Mustang Pen' in spite of the fact that we still do not know whether she has been chosen as a contestant. Laura continues to work on her fund. 

 Happy day! The round pen came home, this was one week ago today. We sure missed it while it was gone.

It was a much smoother operation this time around than it was two weeks ago!

Danny was helping by holding the measuring tape end on the center stake.

Beth acquired three new students over the last couple weeks. 
Here she and Ardreth are helping a student learn groundwork exercises.

Her golden boy is working on liberty jumping, pretty fun stuff. Another topic I have been trying to catch on video here and there. 
Terrence will have a few things he can put on youtube once he has a bit more time to get to the computer!  Lately, lots of hooves and horses taking up his days. 

I didn't get the pictures for a lot of other activities sorted out yet but; 

Ted is still spending lots of time on Derby and Pyrite's training. They both continue to do exceptionally well in training. Derby is enjoying being able to run with the herd part time now.

This was our spring de-worming weekend - we used fifteen tubes, I think that's a record for us!

Beth received her official certificate of her Welsh prefix assignment. `Alainn (pronounced sort of like  "ah - ling", accent on first syllable and 'g' nearly silent) is officially hers. It is a Gaelic word which means beautiful. She filed the business name of `Alainn Quality Welsh with Idaho's Secretary of State.

Ted started the Cat motor in his 1979 Ford Crewcab today. It was not anywhere near as loud as I expected. He says it purrs like a kittypillar! He is very excited to be making progress toward getting that truck on the road. 

 In spite of all the wind, clouds, and cool weather, the daffodils are blooming, and we are enjoying them.

Happy Easter!

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