Sunday, April 3, 2016

Things We Love

Some Things We Love - Spring, Clinics, Training Horses, Laura working on a big exciting project, meeting new friends, seeing old friends again, flowers, green grass ~ Did I mention SPRING? 
Lots of good times this week.

Laura put up her first blog page post, she now has her own page on this blog. If you haven't seen it click on her tab to check it out. She named it Laura Jean's Mustang Training Adventure. She also made TONS of caramel corn to help support her mustang fund. She sold some here at our clinic and also sent a bunch up to Oreana to the Tough Sucker endurance ride camp. 

We were busy getting ready for our first clinic of the year all this week. Arranging where client horses will stay and so forth. Flowers are blooming and tons of spring yard work is needing done. In spite of the risk to my daffodils and budding tulips the horses were turned out to run/graze off around the yard again. The orchard is looking lovely with the peach and nectarine trees all in bloom. My garden spot is worked up and has three horse pens set up on it for the duration of this clinic! Oh well, after next weekend I will start working on all those jobs, fixing the sprinklers in the little pasture (the horses break a few every winter. I have a scratching post in that pasture but some of them seem to prefer scratching on sprinklers!) also pruning roses, fertilizing lawns, rototilling garden, pruning and raking raspberries, etc. etc. etc.! 

Here is Kathie at the end of day two. The older kids have been sprinkling down the arena prior to the groomer being run over it each day. We definitely will love it when we get water delivery on that arena groomer.

Ted at the end of day two. He did Pyrite's session this morning before the clinic started and tonight after the clinic he worked with Derby. Both horses continue to do awesome!

 A bunch of enthusiastic horse owners in a clinic.

Tim and Julie

 Genevieve on Sonata - nice release!

It's been a great clinic so far (two days over, one day to go) with every student enjoying the experience and making good progress. The weather is also amazing, perfect, enjoyable. Our friends Tim and Julie from Driggs, Idaho (near Jackson, Wyoming) returned and three of the new clients at this clinic were here on their recommendation. We love knowing people are recommending us to their friends! We are two days into lots of fun times with lots of good friends enjoying learning together. We also had the pleasure of having Beth Skaggs here auditing this clinic in preparation for her clinic experience next week at Steph Teeter's place. Beth is the super excited lucky winner of the clinic spot which was raffled off at the PNER convention. She is a note taker after my own heart, pages and pages of notes! 

I am getting quite a few nice photos and will post again after the clinic to show a bit more of what happened over this weekend!
~ Leni

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