Sunday, March 15, 2015

LOTS of Horses Now In Training- Every Day is Full - Every day is Good!

Cowboy -  Ted's 'therapy' horse, meaning the horse he goes to ride to just relax! Cowboy is getting a short daily ride from Sam (our most inexperienced rider of the bunch), because there's nobody like Cowboy to build some confidence.

Flint - from Lost Juniper Ranch (Carol and Rick Brand). Check out how soft he is; not to mention drop dead gorgeous! Sixteen hands of beautiful.....

Popsy - wow has she come a long way! She now measures 14.2 - and is a great little horse, with a rock solid foundation. Gaining more experience daily, she is in pretty high demand here. Beth has officially listed her for sale, asking $3000, may negotiate price to the right home.

Smokey - I am loving having her here! I have been riding her almost every day for the last week- ten days. She and Flint went to town the last three days as we had noticed that she was overly concerned about vehicles particularly at highway speeds (imagine how that could be being raised in Oreana!). She also didn't love unfamiliar barking dogs - both issues thoroughly addressed along with trains, town noises, etc. etc.
Even with that extra weight she can out travel any other horse here right now!

 Ardreth - another of Beth's! Five year old registered, twelve hand Welsh gelding. The hope is that LJ and Beth can have him good to go for littlest sis to ride him in a few LD's this spring. We want to take him to the two Tough Suckers in Oreana and also to Karen Bumgarners, Owyhee River Challenge in May. So far he has been a super star this spring so it's looking good!

   Terrence with Cruiser - we will probably bring Cruiser with us to the spring Oreana clinic.
Isn't she photogenic? I think it's a bay thing.

Beth has added MJ to her current working list - lots of fun. Beth and MJ are a great match, work well together. Beth loves a horse that is always calm but can be really athletic (without any of that 'reactive Arabian stuff!'. LOL) MJ is actually registered paint breeding stock but very AQHA bred. She is a little girl, only 13.3 hands and four years old this spring. I will try to post training MJ updates as I get more photos of her.
She already wants to slide.....

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