Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 2015 Oreana Clinic

The March Oreana Clinic went superbly well. Below are photos of the participants, I have a lot more and will put a second post up on this clinic soon.

We enjoyed three beautiful spring days at Oreana, Idaho. The group of students was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the clinic and made great progress both with their own skills and with their respective horses. The picture to the right is part of day two of the clinic.

Carol Brand demonstrated various 'naughty horse' behaviors and had everyone laughing!
One of the techniques Ted often uses to help participants be prepared for trying a new exercise with their horse is to go through some of the most typical, when your horse does this - you do this scenarios. Carol was hands down the most entertaining horse role player we have ever had!
This clinic was such a fun learning environment for everyone.

  Rick Brand, did an awesome job throughout the clinic in spite of being only four months out from double knee surgery. Carol and Rick were able to tag team with Flint and participate in the clinic 'together' enabling Rick to be a part of this clinic although his knees got a bit sore here and there!
Also in this photo, Dave with his horse Noble. Dave made a long drive down and back to be with this clinic group.

I really love this picture of Dave flexing Noble under saddle.

Marilyn Hornbaker with her little mare.

Marilyn with her friend (and horse role player) Virginia. Bob and Virginia were originally planning to be participants at this clinic but were forced to change their plans due to Bob's recent knee surgery. However, they made a day trip of it and came to hang out and watch the clinic on Saturday. It was so good to see them! This photo was taken within minutes of their arriving which shows how long it took Virginia to get in on a little of the action!

Aileen Womer brought her little Morgan, Smokey Jo down from Dayville, Oregon to participate in this clinic. Little Smokey Jo doesn't look so little when you check out all the muscle mass, I think he probably had more sore muscle than any other horse there!

 Another particpant from Dayville, Oregon Teacia Irwin. T. came down with her husband Greg and had a fantastic weekend. Teacia and Greg also left a beautiful Arabian mare with Ted for training so we will be seeing them again in about six weeks!

Teacia with her naughty horse Greg!

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